Eagle Falls/Eagle Lake Info/Experience

Eagle Lake (Trail) is an incredible place to hike, with it’s lush, green forests, towering rock cliffs, and the final destination-a beautiful, secluded lake surrounded by nature at it’s finest. If you ever visit Lake Tahoe, I would recommend going here.

This hike is considered moderate. How long it takes depends on what your plans here are, since there are a lot of places to visit in this area. (There is another waterfall, along with Vikingsholm Castle.) If you would like to visit the other places, you could just visit Eagle Falls, which is only a half a mile hike. (Note: You have to climb a lot of steps carved out of the mountainside. It’s short but steep.) After climbing the stone steps, you will see a bridge. If you cross it you can also choose to hang out near the small area of water just before it becomes a waterfall. (It isn’t deep, and the water is pretty calm, so you can swim there.)

The bridge to view Eagle Falls (sorry if the image is blurry)

Eagle Lake is around a two mile hike and about 400 feet in elevation, so it’s much longer to reach. However, the view is worth the hike, so I would encourage others to hike past Eagle Falls. After crossing the bridge, you continue hiking up rough, uneven rocks through a forest.

an interesting tree we stumbled upon

In a little while, you’ll see the Desolation Wilderness Sign. To pass, you need a permit in which can be found near the parking lot just before the trail starts. The forest trail continues for a short while into a plain of flat rock. (The trail is still going uphill.) Looking behind you, you’ll see a great view of the surrounding forests and will want to take some pictures, but I suggest that you climb a little higher before snapping a picture, so that you can see more of Emerald Bay in the background.

view of the surrounding forest and Emerald Bay

After being bathed in sunlight(DO NOT GO HIKING AFTER LUNCH TIME- YOU’LL BE ACCOMPANIED BY HEADACHES WHEREVER YOU GO-), ahem, you’ll be walking through a flat area of forest for a few minutes, then emerging into the sun. For about 20-30 minutes you’ll be walking up some more stone steps. Even though it’s reallyyy steep- don’t give up!

Once you reach the lake, just sit down and admire the amazing view. It’s something ya don’t get to see everyday… (unless maybe you live here uwu).

view of Eagle Lake and the surrounding mountains
a pic of the clear waters of the lake

Thank you guys for reading, and have a wonderful rest of your day!

I’d love to hear what you think of my writing or if you have hiked Eagle Trail before! ^v^

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