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Nighttime Song(original poem)

This is another one of my original poems. I hope you guys like it! Some people on here might already know this since I have posted this poem on another source. If you liked this poem, I have written another one before here.

A dark blue blanket covers the earth,

Daring white lights sparkle and flirth,

With the living below, as they look upon,

And the little green cricket that chirps a song.

A silver sphere, craters visible,

The wispy clouds seemingly invisible.

The reeds, the grasses, they wave to the gust,

As the silver they stand below, never rusts.

From the blades of green and brown,

Something flickers, there goes a faint sound.

The pool reflects all of shadow and light,

To many’s great delight.

A symphony starts,

No lyrics nor chart.

A beauty in itself, but never goes beyond the north tree.

For those who wish to see,

The nighttime song,

Follow the path to where the sun grows long.

Thanks for reading!


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