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Obesity-The Great Expansion(20-time Project)

For my 20-time project*, I will be posting a series of blog posts about obesity in order to raise awareness for this issue and the actions that people can do to avoid it.

Each blog post will probably be published around 1-3 weeks after each other, and this project will end around early May. Every time I finish a blog post, I will link it on this page.

I decided to do this project because of the high obesity rates, especially in America, but also worldwide, and I feel like that


  1. Worth my Weight Poem:

More will come soon!

*A 20-time project is basically a project where you dedicate 20% of your work time/class-time towards exploring a topic or issue of your choice. It allows, mostly students, to self-learn by their own guidelines. Here’s the official website:

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