Chocolate Milk VS White Milk

As I was looking through my files… I found an old school project I made back in fifth grade about whether school cafeterias should serve chocolate milk daily. So I will post it here.

I think that our school cafeteria should serve chocolate milk daily.

First of all, it is a healthy part of a young kid’s diet. Studies show that chocolate milk has less than half of the carbohydrates, added sugar, and fat of soda/sports drinks.  It has the same essentials nutrients as white milk. Some might say that milk has zero or little effect on the growth of bones, either if it’s flavored or not. I believe it matters on the quantity you consume daily, and the brand of milk (any flavor) you drink. 

Second, chocolate milk has a different flavor than white milk or any other milk. It results in more kids who want to drink this type of milk. People who drink chocolate milk don’t consume more added fat, sugar, and calories than non-milk drinkers. (Some might say that the chocolate adds extra sugar which can possibly lead to health problems, but it depends on how much you drink.) It is good to drink a certain amount each day, preferably one small glass.

The chocolate in chocolate milk can contain some extra sugar, but it can provide you with much more. According to some new researches, dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, and reduce the risks for heart attacks. Like milk, it maintains healthy bones and teeth. 

If we serve chocolate milk at our school, kids who don’t get the nutrients they need can drink chocolate milk at school, and it will boost their immune system and overall fitness.

Overall, I think chocolate milk is a delicious and healthy choice to drink. I think it should be served in our school cafeteria, for it is a nutritious and delicious part of a person’s diet.

Here are some sites I found interesting:

And now, I will end with a joke:

"We ran out of chocolate milk. I don't do white milk."
“We ran out of chocolate milk. I don’t do white milk.”


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