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I’m not really much into photography(and I’m not really good at it), but I like to take a few pictures of the places that I’ve traveled to, such as when I’m on vacation or hiking. (Note: All of these photos were taken by me. Do not steal.) As with my art gallery, the newer photographs are closer to the end of the page. I hope you find them interesting, and suggestions on how to take better photos are welcome.

If you enjoy looking at photography capturing nature, here’s a few sites that I would recommend:

(The pictures above here are from my visit to the Eagle Falls/Lake Trail in Lake Tahoe, California. )

Above, these are my pictures from my hiking trip to Emerald Bay, which is in Lake Tahoe.

(The flowers are from my backyard, and the rest of the photos here so far are from my visit to Oahu, Hawaii.)

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