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Obesity-The Great Expansion(20-time Project)

For my 20-time project*, I will be posting a series of blog posts about obesity in order to raise awareness for this issue and the actions that people can do to avoid it.

Each blog post will probably be published around 1-3 weeks after each other, and this project will end around early May. Every time I finish a blog post, I will link it on this page.

I decided to do this project because of the high obesity rates, especially in America, but also worldwide, and I feel like that


  1. Worth my Weight Poem:

More will come soon!

*A 20-time project is basically a project where you dedicate 20% of your work time/class-time towards exploring a topic or issue of your choice. It allows, mostly students, to self-learn by their own guidelines. Here’s the official website:


The Three Little Bunnies (Short Story)

This is a short little story that is a spinoff on the classic tale, “The Three Little Pigs.” I hope you enjoy ^v^

      Rising above the trees, the golden sun slowly made its way upwards, casting rays of sunlight through the openings of trees, as fluffy, white clouds floated lazily overhead in the blue sky. The grass rippled and waved gently to the pleasant breeze that blew against it, the green area dotted with delicate white and purple flowers. Birds soared overhead, while the bees down below buzzed and did about their business as they always did.

   In this clearing, their lived three young bunnies, that came by the names; Alex, Charise, and Spots. They lived quite comfortably with their mother and father in the clearing, well fed and happy. The youngsters had recently turned 12, in which every animal knew was the end of their childhood and the start of becoming an adult. 

That day, both their father and mother had come to a decision, and what a long talk that was, although they too, wanted their children to stay, but thought about what was best for their children before themselves. 

“ Alex! Charise! Spots! Are you there?!” their father asked, scanning the clearing.

“ Yes, father!” they replied in unison, pausing their berry picking, and hopping towards him with a skip in their hops. 

“ I have got an announcement. You three are to go into the wild and build yourselves a home, and start your own families,” their father declared, looking downwards solemnly.

“ A home? In the wild? Start a family? ” Charise asked, her nose twitching. She glanced at her siblings, shrugging her shoulders.

“ But father!” Spots began before her father interrupted with a stern voice, “ No buts, missy!”

“ But, but what about you? Will we see you again? What if we get eaten?” Alex asked, frightened and bewildered at all the possibilities. 

“ Don’t be worried. Your mother and I will be fine, and we’ll be sure to visit. You have faced danger before, and I have trained you well,” her father assured her, patting her head. Alex was still uncertain. 

“ But father! I don’t get why you’re telling us now.” Charise said, cocking her head to one side, while Alex shivered beside her.

“ You are now of age to go out into the world! You’re twelve, after all.” he replied. With that, he ushered them into the forest. 

   They waved good-bye to each other, smiling back. Even Alex managed a small one, although she was nervous. 

   Charise dragged her feet, slowly putting one leg in front of the other through the forest terrain, for to them, minutes spent there seemed like hours, as they trudged through the rough terrain of the forest, with uneven ground and roots that poked through the dirt, thinking about her father’s words. Alex hopped beside them, not as despondently, but hopping as slow as he could, while Spots skipped.

“ It’s not fair! We weren’t even told beforehand!” Charise sputtered angrily, breaking the awkward silence. She kicked the dirt in vain, stubbing her toe. She was confused, and angry, and nervous all at the same time. 

“ I know! But think of it as an adventure!” Spots exclaimed rather loudly, scaring off a few birds. Charise seemed to brighten up at the thought, and she was back to her cheerful self once again. However, Alex didn’t say anything, for she knew that her father’s decision was rather rash, but deep down she knew it was the right choice, no matter how difficult, and seemingly wrong it was. But it was all so, so sudden!

“ We should find a clearing and start building! When the sun starts to fade into the darkness, more dangers will come!” Alex whispered hastily to her siblings, who were now excited about the whole affair.  She knew that the day’s earlier events had been upsetting, and rather the interesting thing to talk about, but the fuss wasn’t worth it if they all perished anyway. Her long cinnamon-colored ears pointed upwards, and her small, bright eyes scanned the ground for danger. Charise and Spots came close behind her, but with a little extra hop in their jumps, for the forest that seemed pleasant in the daytime had predators lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.

Charise and Spots talked about this and that, barely paying attention to where they were stepping, joking and laughing, while Alex kept her eyes open, and her feet moving, trying to find a nice patch of grass, or a clearing in the middle of the wood, on the alert for any predators. 

Eventually, they came across a grassy clearing in the middle of the wood that was quite comfortable, much like their old home. It had a merry, bubbling little stream running down the middle, and many berry bushes nearby. There were clumps of dandelions and its fuzzy form. All three bunnies thought this was the perfect place to build their new homes.

Charise went out, not knowing what to do or to find. She found herself many clumps of tall, dry grass that shone like gold in the sun’s rays of light. She gathered a bunch, made them into bundles, and arranged them into a frame of what looked somewhat similar to a cylinder, with a thatched roof. It was rather small, yet nonetheless she prided herself on building her house faster than the others. She was done in an hour, and she smiled at it, taunting the others that they haven’t started their building. The two other rabbits looked at Charise’s house, and shook their heads, thinking that it wasn’t strong enough, while Charise relaxed in the soft, warm grass, not willing to help her siblings with building their houses. 

Spot hopped about the forest, thinking about what to use that was stronger than grass. She tripped over something, and found herself a great many twigs littered about, here and there, and gathered some up. First, she made a frame, and then built around it, connecting the twigs by twisting them together. In a few hours, she was done. She looked at her work, and held her head high towards Charise, while making faces and arguing about whose house was prettier.

Yet the third little rabbit; Alex, thought that wasn’t nearly strong enough. She paid little heed to her sibling’s squabbles and taunts, pondering about what would be tougher than twigs, or dry grass for that matter. She found some stones, of all different shapes and sizes. Alex threw grass and sticks and tried to scratch its smooth, gray surface. She smiled, for not a single scratch was inflicted on the stone. It was then that she decided that stone would be her choice of material to build his house. Yet she needed to connect them.  Mixing some water, sand, mud, and tree sap together, she created a sticky mortar in which to bind the stones together. He gathered and mixed until the sun was high in the sky, the signal of noon. The other two looked disapprovingly at Alex, for he had taken far too long to gather in their little rabbit minds. Yet despite his sisters’s complains and criticizes about the house, Alex diligently placed stones, and connected them with the sap and mortar, until it was finally finished just when the sun started to sink below the ground. She looked at it proudly, congratulating himself for a job well done, while the other bunnies shook their heads, not sure that Alex’s little house was worth all the hard work.

    The next few days, they visited each other and frolicked around under the warm, summer sun, Charise and Spots in particular. One day, while they were racing each other, Alex stopped and studied the wet paw prints she saw, and gasped. Yelling to her siblings, and dragging them away from their fun and play, Alex’s siblings gasped too, for what Alex saw was the paw prints of none other than the dreaded wildcat herself! And they were fresh! They bolted faster than you can say, “Carrot!” into their houses, and locked it up tight. In a few minutes time, the wildcat came, smelling the sweet aroma of plump bunnies. 

“ Open up, or I will scratch and and pounce on your house!” she yelled ferociously.

“ No! Never by my cute cotton tail!” Charise yelled, whimpering. With a swipe of a paw, the grass house was reduced to a pile of grass once more. Charise ran, her tiny heart beating in her chest, seemingly ready to explode, now regretting that she had built her house out of such fragile material. She knocked frantically on Spot’s house’s door, and was ushered quickly inside by Spots, who too was greatly frightened by the wildcat. 

“ Come out, come out, wherever you are!” the wildcat declared, cackling.

The bunnies huddled against the wall farthest from the door, and yelled back, their voices reaching quite the high pitch, “ Never by my cute cotton tail!” 

The wildcat snarled, locked her muscles in tight, and pounced on the wobbly, wooden house, which was now a pile of broken, good for nothing splinters of wood. Both Spots and Charise were luckily unharmed except for a few bits of wood on their fur. Now Spots was worried. Her house of sticks was broken, although not as easily as Spot’s. She now regretted her actions, for having a sturdier house was worth all the effort. The wildcat gave chase as they hippety-hopped and hoppity-hipped around the clearing. The wildcat was so fast, she accidentally slipped and fell, face first into the water. While she was distracted, Spots and Charise, quick as a rabbit’s legs could go, ran to Alex’s house. Knocking frantically and rather loudly, Alex opened the door ajar as they darted in. They panted in exhaustion, too tired and fearful to say anything. Spots’ and Charise’s fur standing up straight, confused about why Alex was smiling, no, smirking in this time and matter. The wildcat snarled, scorning herself for foolishly falling into the water. She hated water. Yet her mind was not one that distracted easily, and she had a one-track mind. To kill, and to eat. She saw one last house where all three bunnies were hiding, and licked her lips.

“ Come out, come out!” she yelled, smirking, for there was no where left to run or hide from her tracker nose and her sharp claws. Not to mention no matter how hard they tried, they could never outrun her. 

“ No! NOT BY OUR CUTE COTTON TAILS!!!” all three bunnies yelled defiantly.

The wildcat snarled, and swiped her claws against the stone, only to have them feeling sore. She tried again, and again to no avail. Growling, she jumped on it, and the Alex lit a fire in the fireplace. Now the wildcat was feeling sore, but not yet ready to give up on her meal. She did so one more time, and she felt the scorching heat against her stomach, a bright and hungry heat that glowed, clutching itself on her fur. In a panic, she ran back towards the forest, smoke rising from her fur, and she was never seen again. Spots and Charise rebuilt their houses with the help of Alex, who happily assisted, and Alex was never teased about his house ever again. From that day one, all three bunnies lived happily ever after. 

The End

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