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Our Central Core-The Sun(Poem)

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Ever so swiftly,

Spreads my light,

To the Earth in 8 minutes.

Ever so slowly, 

Does it take the energy in my core,

To escape to my corona.

Ever so in the middle of my life,

For I am 4.6 million years old,

Around another 5 million years until I perish.

Ever so giant,

For I take up 99.86% of the solar system’s mass,

And around one million Earths could fit inside me.

Ever so hot,

My core is 15,000 degrees Celsius,

As I burn hydrogen.

Ever so round,

For I am the most perfectly round natural object,

Known in the universe.

Ever so brightly I shine in the universe,

Only flawed by my small, dark spots of acne on my face,

As photons bring my light to you.

Ever so useful,

My existence needed for all life to exist,

For I define the seasons, the harvests, and the sleep patterns.
I am the Sun.

This is a poem created in the three-line-per-stanza “Ever So…,” format, created in honor of March Madness, otherwise known as poetry month. Get creative and share your poetry out to the world this month!

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Flying Dreams(Poem)

Flying Dreams:

I can be the moon, the stars,

I can fly all the way to Mars,

In my thoughts and in my dreams, 

There flows an endless stream.

I can be the ocean, and I can be the breeze,

Although I pull the waters, my fingers freeze.

In my head, in my mind,

I can create anything I wish, that I can define.

I can be a bird, I can be the sky,

Forever and ever I can fly.

In my thoughts and in my dreams,

I can board the endless stream.

The endless stream, of flying dreams…

thank you for those who read this! (Please like, comment, and subscribe!)

Some of my other poems are here and here, if you would like to check out more of my work. See ya later skaters!

Nighttime Song(original poem)

This is another one of my original poems. I hope you guys like it! Some people on here might already know this since I have posted this poem on another source. If you liked this poem, I have written another one before here.

A dark blue blanket covers the earth,

Daring white lights sparkle and flirth,

With the living below, as they look upon,

And the little green cricket that chirps a song.

A silver sphere, craters visible,

The wispy clouds seemingly invisible.

The reeds, the grasses, they wave to the gust,

As the silver they stand below, never rusts.

From the blades of green and brown,

Something flickers, there goes a faint sound.

The pool reflects all of shadow and light,

To many’s great delight.

A symphony starts,

No lyrics nor chart.

A beauty in itself, but never goes beyond the north tree.

For those who wish to see,

The nighttime song,

Follow the path to where the sun grows long.

Thanks for reading!

Winter’s Loneliness(Original Poem)

Man staring at a starry sky
Man staring at a starry sky

Poetry… an art form in which we humans express our feelings through words… We play around with the rhythms, styles, and arrangements… trying to find what will truly bring out the right impressions and truly convey its message.

If I read a book and it makes my body so cold no fire can ever warm me, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson

I have been interested in poetry for about a year and a half now. When I’m feeling restless or tired from life, I go read a few poems, which helps ease my mind with it’s mystical, magical powers. The sites that I most often visit are family friend poems and poetry foundation.

I made this poem a little while back, but I consider it my best creation:

Winter’s Loneliness:

Walking through this icy land,

Wishing for someone to hold my hand.

Feeling the cold upon my fingers,

Wishing for warmth that never lingers.

White swirling all around,

A dreary silence, an awful sound.

Trees white and bare,

Trying not to remember when I cared.

Bitter chills and stinging wind,

The quiet earth grows grey and grim

Then spikes of icy crystal fall,

Cascading over mountain walls

On the wind, whispers ride,

And on the wind, a sorrowful song does glide.

Shadows creep through crevices and cracks,

Wishing for what I lack.

Staring at the pale blue skies,

Knowing where all the pain lies.

Thin, stretched clouds drift about,

As high as all of my doubts.

I feel as cold as the water that freezes,

I know this pain will never cease,

Unless I fight back this mere season,

For I have more than just a reason.

Memories drift on a blustery breeze,

Dying light ushers in the freeze

I take in an icy breath,

I will push through this winter of loneliness and death.

Thanks for reading! If anyone of you have any good sites you’d like to recommend or any poems, feel free to leave it in the comment section below! UwU

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