Allergies… My Secret Follower

Allergies. My worst enemy. The little thing that follows me day and night, haunting my daily social life…(coughs loudly).

For some of you lucky peeps out there… allergies don’t even exist. You live your day to day lives strolling around a park without even twitching your nose.

Me? THE OPPOSITE. When I decide to stroll into a park, my eyes start blinking really rapidly, my nose starts feeling itchy, and my mind starts screaming, “ALLERGY ALERT, ALLERGY ALERT, GET TISSUES!!!” And then, I start blowing my tissues really, really loudly. Not on purpose, but because it doesn’t feel so great to have your nose clogged up 24/7.

Even indoors, it’s not much better. Especially in the classroom. It’s already bad enough feeling allergic, let alone when it turns into something embarrassing. In the classroom, even the smallest whispers can be heard by pretty much the whole class, so you can imagine how loud I am. (And my class isn’t even that quiet…) Every time I blow my nose in class, I feel very self-conscious. And they all know who blew their nose because I’m usually the only one in class who does that every five minutes.

People tend to think I’m always sick, which isn’t true. I’m just allergic to the majority of the native plants in my area, making me allergic for the whole year, not including winter, which is the one season that I actually get sick. One time, one of my teachers thought that I had a cold for a whole month. (What actually happened was that I was sick for two weeks, but the rest of the time I was just allergic.)

Now, I take allergy shots every month. For those of you who don’t know what allergy shots are, they are basically shots full of sneezes and suffering– I mean, full of the very things that make you allergic, so that your body can help build up resistance to these allergens. I also take Zyrtec every morning to lower the severity of my allergic reactions.

For those of you who also suffer from this, know that you are not alone. There are a lot of other people who are also undergoing this experience. I’m hoping that my allergies will go away someday, but until then… let us suffer together ^v^

Image result for pollen allergy meme funny

Also, here’s a funny poem about allergies I found online: link


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