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Our Central Core-The Sun(Poem)

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Ever so swiftly,

Spreads my light,

To the Earth in 8 minutes.

Ever so slowly, 

Does it take the energy in my core,

To escape to my corona.

Ever so in the middle of my life,

For I am 4.6 million years old,

Around another 5 million years until I perish.

Ever so giant,

For I take up 99.86% of the solar system’s mass,

And around one million Earths could fit inside me.

Ever so hot,

My core is 15,000 degrees Celsius,

As I burn hydrogen.

Ever so round,

For I am the most perfectly round natural object,

Known in the universe.

Ever so brightly I shine in the universe,

Only flawed by my small, dark spots of acne on my face,

As photons bring my light to you.

Ever so useful,

My existence needed for all life to exist,

For I define the seasons, the harvests, and the sleep patterns.
I am the Sun.

This is a poem created in the three-line-per-stanza “Ever So…,” format, created in honor of March Madness, otherwise known as poetry month. Get creative and share your poetry out to the world this month!

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