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Worth my Weight…

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Don’t look at me like that,

Only see big, useless, and fat.

Don’t snicker and call me names,

Simply because you see me as different and lame.

Don’t view me as a funny, living, lump,

Viewing me, as some sort of food dump.

Hear me, the words I speak,

And then I might seem a little less bleak.

I ask that you look at me as who I am,

Everything you see on the outside, you sham.

Don’t cast me aside, no, you don’t dominate,

Don’t judge my worth by my weight.

In honor of this sad, corona-virus infected March, since we have no real March Madness going on, whether it’s the basketball tournament or the classroom poetry competitions, I decided to continue traditions anyway and create a little poem, dedicated to trying to replicate the thoughts of someone who is shamed for being fat.

At first, the person asks people to not look at them, “like that.” This person knows his situation, and doesn’t like that people have to be so demeaning and unfair. As the poem progresses, this person’s confidence is no longer unwavering, and finally is able to say to themselves, and to everybody else, that their weight, as a fellow human being, should not be by their weight.

I know that in this society, it’s pretty tough. People are cast aside and shunned because of their, “differences,” whether it’s their body, their race, their religion, etc. There’s always something that makes us deemed lower in the eyes of others. Everybody has faced this sometime in their lives, I can guarantee you that, so please, please view the person in front of you, as an equal, despite appearances.


“Beauty is only skin deep.”

Sir Thomas Overbury, 1613

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to see more of my work for this project, please visit this page(it has links to all the posts I have published for this project thus far):


Obesity-The Great Expansion(20-time Project)

For my 20-time project*, I will be posting a series of blog posts about obesity in order to raise awareness for this issue and the actions that people can do to avoid it.

Each blog post will probably be published around 1-3 weeks after each other, and this project will end around early May. Every time I finish a blog post, I will link it on this page.

I decided to do this project because of the high obesity rates, especially in America, but also worldwide, and I feel like that


  1. Worth my Weight Poem:

More will come soon!

*A 20-time project is basically a project where you dedicate 20% of your work time/class-time towards exploring a topic or issue of your choice. It allows, mostly students, to self-learn by their own guidelines. Here’s the official website:

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